Craft Pack: Mixed Sari Silk 100gm

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A Wingham Craft Pack of 100gms mixed Sari Silk.

This product qualifies for the Wingham Fibre Discount.

Product Code:  CP.MSS
Brand:  Wingham Wool


A Wingham Craft Pack of 100gm Sari Silk combed tops in mixed colours.

These amazingly bright silk tops are made from the same fibre that goes into weaving finished saris, hence the wonderful colour range. The carded sliver is very soft to the touch and can be easily teased apart should you only need a small amount.

The most common use for these silks is to incorporate them into your own blends, adding colour and texture. They can be used to great effect with hand or drum carders.

They can also be handspun straight from the top, though such a fine fibre does need an experienced hand to get a good result.

Silks won't felt on their own, but can be incorporated into blends with wools and used that way. Another popular method is to trap the silk between 2 layers of wool.

Please Note: Crafts Packs are put together in batches of 15-20. As such, if you order multiples of the same pack they may contain the same fibres as the rest of that batch.

The image used is for illustration only. The colours you receive may vary.

Q: How much of each colour will I get?
A: The weight of each colour be approximately 17 grams. This is about 4 arm lengths. The amount of each colour may vary, but the total weight of the pack will always be 100gm.

Q: Can I choose the colours I get?
A: This pack is picked and packed using the specific silk colours, and so can't be changed. If you require more of a particular colour then they can be ordered individually at

Please be aware that there may be a slight difference in shading between batches.