Carded Wool Laps: Pinks Shades 100gm

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Carded wool blend in various shades. Dark pinks
There is variation in the batch as it is made from mixes of colours.

Price per 100gm

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Product Code:  CARD.9734
Brand:  Wingham Wool


We do a lot of fibre processing on-site, including carding and gilling our own blends. "Laps" are the bits of wool that somethings get stuck on rollers,"lapping" around them. When this happens we have to stop the machine and remove the wool, which is placed into a big tub. These laps are technically waste, though in fact they're all perfectly fine, clean, processed bits and bobs of wool. It'd be a horrible shame to just throw them away, not only for the sheep and farmer that took time to create them in the first place, but it's also a great way to get hold of bulk budget blend.

In this case we've passed the laps through our carding engine to create a wonderfully varied carded blend. Every batch will be different in both the breeds of wool and colours, so it really is pot-luck as to what you'll get. Regardless of the colour they're perfect for handspinning, needlefelting and blending, so if you're after a fibre that won't break the bank then look no further!