Brunox Lubricating Oil, Pump Action 100gm

Brunox Lubricating Oil, Pump Action 100gm

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A great oil for lubricating fibre craft equipment, including wheels, looms and drumcarders.

100ml pump action bottle.

Product Code:  BX

It may seem odd to offer a gun oil for lubricating wheels, but we've found it to be the perfect thing to stop those squeaks and knocks...

One issue that can arise from using other oils is that they run the risk of leaving a sticky residue behind. From a cosmetic point this isn't great when you've just invested in a beautifully crafted wheel, but it can also cause more problems further down the line: Residues can actually attract wool fibres, so while the part may be initially lubricated it then starts slowly jamming up.

Brunox has been developed specifically not to leave any residue behind, lubricating parts as required and leaving them spinning away as they were designed to.

Please Note: We've been selling Brunox for many years, but it hasn't been available online due to restrictions around shipping aerosols. This version is pump action and so may be shipped as normal.

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