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Landscape Dyes

Wednesday, 4 April 2018  |  Tom

The Landscape Dyes range is an incredibly easy dye system to get going with. Known as a "One Pot" method it does what it says on the tin..... or tub, rather. The one tub of dye is all you'll need to dye most natural fibres, without the need for any other fixatives or additives.

Even doing the maths is simple: 100gm of dye powder is enough for 1kilo of fibre dyed to fulll colour strength. Less for lighter shades.

And the best bit is there's no difference in quality compared to other dye systems, being used by expert dyers around the world as well as those just starting out. In fact the Landscape Range is one of our best sellers.

Another great aspect of the one pot dyes is that there is a consistency across the range, meaning you can mix and blend the dye powders however you like. Over time you can build up your very own colour range! This way you can produce a vast array of shades by using just a few base colours.

Top Tip: If you are mixing your own colours, make sure to keep detailed recordings of weights and colours in your dye book. There's nothing worse than finding the exact colour you want and then not remembering the recipe!


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