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Wingham Ashford Day 2018 - FULL

Sunday, 18 February 2018  |  Tom

The Wingham Ashford Days Are Now Full


We’re very pleased to announce that Wingham will be playing host to Ashford tutor Kate Sherrat in the run up to Wonderwool 2018.

Many of you will already recognise Kate; part of her role with Ashford is to star in many of the instructional videos available online, introducing the range of equipment and showcasing just what's possible with Ashford wheels and looms.

Joining Kate will be David Herring and the Ashford UK Team, who know the range of equipment like the back of their hand… In fact, probably a little better.

You are invited to a two-day event, bringing together Wingham Wool, Ashford UK and special guest tutor Kate Sherrat, to showcase the complete range of Ashford equipment and how you can use it to its full potential.

Over two days there will be demonstrations, talks and the chance to get hands on with all the latest equipment on offer. Kate will be running the show, offering tips and advice, David will be on hand to service any equipment you’d like to bring along and of course there’ll be plenty of woolly-loveliness to play with supplied by Wingham, all free of charge.

All participants will receive a discount of 5% off any Ashford equipment. If you buy in advance we will have your equipment ready for you to collect on the day. If you’d prefer you can come along for professional advice to help you decide which wheel or loom to go for. If we don’t have it in stock then we’ll ship it out for you absolutely free.
17th April – Spinning Day
Kate will demonstrate the range of Ashford wheels and how to expand your repertoire, together with drum carders and blending boards.

This will be followed by a Q&A session.

David will be on hand throughout the day to service any Ashford equipment you may have brought with you. This is a free service, the only charge being for any parts which may need to be replaced.

The afternoon is a more casual affair. They’ll be chances to try out the wheels, chat to Kate and David and have a go with various fibres. We know from experience that this is a great chance to learn not only from the tutors, but also from other course participants, an opportunity to skill-share and spend a few hours doing what we all love.
18th April – Weaving
The outline for today is much the same: Kate will give practical demonstrations of the Ashford weaving range, followed by a Q&A.

David will be available to service your Ashford loom if needed.

The afternoon will again be a casual affair, chatting to the team, trying equipment and learning new skills.

The event will take place at the historic Elsecar Heritage Centre. Tea and coffee will be supplied and there are plenty of local spots for lunch, both in the heritage centre itself and the surrounding area.
The event is free to attend but as numbers are limited we ask that you book tickets ahead. Groups are welcome, please contact the office for inquiries of 10+ people.

24th & 25th April 2018
Elsecar Heritage Centre
Wath Road
S74 8HJ

Call us: 01226 742926 or Click to Chat