Wingham Flax Hackle - Medium

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Flax Hackles Medium setting

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Designed and built right here in Wentworth, these hackles are perfect for the preparation of flax and hemp. The tines have been set to create the perfect ratio for working with broken and scutched stems.

The base has been predrilled to allow you to fix the unit to a tabletop for secure use. It's also possible to use G-clamps at either end as a temporary solution.


These hackles were orginally designed and built by us for the Shrewsbury Flax Mill support group for use in preparing fibre and demonstrations.

"The hackles revolutionised our lives!  Taking handfuls of broken and scutched flax, and passing them through the large then the finer tines produced a really good strick, ready to dress the distaff. They have been used for demos, for public "have a go" sessions and in schools and  a college, with no squashed or damaged fingers. They are easy to clamp to a table with G clamps, and not too big to transport."

Working area: 11cm x 9cm

158 tines, 3mm diameter, 8.5cm height
Gap between tines 10mm 

Base: 2cm Beech




Working area 11cm x 9cm
158 tines 3mm diameter carbon steel
gap between tines 10mm
height 8.5 cm

Base drilled for screwing down or can be clamped. Beech 2cm thick