Wingham Blending Hackle

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For the production of your own blended combed tops

Produced to the original Peter Teal design 

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We are now pleased to be able to offer blending hackles for the production of your own multicoloured or textured tops.

The Wool Hackle set consists of; 

Two parallel rows of 3mm hardened steel engineered tines set into a hardwood(beech) base for clamping to a work table. Lacquer finish to all woodwork.  

Approx 40 cm in length to give a good working width. 

Included is a tine straightner essential for the repair of any over enthusiastic blending. It is very rare to bend a tine but the straightner tool is essential to get you going again.

Three hole diz for drawing off your blend into a top.

A safety bar is provided for covering the tine points when working with the hackle, this should always be in place when you have finished placing fibre on the tines.


Since Peter made the first set many years ago it has beem much copied. Most of which have been poor copies. There have been versions made from construction nails, ones with curved bent tines and various other configurations. Those familiar with Peters work will know that he spent many weeks to carefully research all his designs to arrive at the optimum. We reckon that unless you are looking at a very good copy the originals design is the best.


Do not leave the tines unprotected. 

Quote from Peter Teal from the instructions included in the sets he made. "So, enjoy the use of your hackle-but do take care, especially when you start to use it, in that you do not prick your fingers on the tines. It is a bit like keeping bees - you have to expect stings, but the more experianced you become in their handling, the less frequently they occur! "

Table clamps are not included. Any type of G clamp is suitable

Total unit weight 2 kilos.