• Cocoon Strippings CS

    Cocoon Strippings CS

    Cocoon strippings - 100gms 


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    These are carded strippings so a better quality than types previously stocked

    Gummed fibres stripped from the outer layer of the  silk cocoons.

    The gum that is left in the fibres can eiher be washed out or used as an adhesive. If the fibre is wetted it can be shaped and allowed to dry. Some feltmakers partly remove the gum and work with the fibres. This is one for you to experiment with.

    Because the strippings come to us in batches and are a by product of the silk processing the exact amount of gum in the fibres cannot be determined. Some batches are gummier than others. If you are intending to work the fibres to use the gum as an adhesive it would be an idea to try out a small amount to satisfy yourself that the batch meets your requirements. Silk with less gum is not inferior its just a natural product with natural variation.