• Wingham Felting Roller

    Wingham Felting Roller

    For the finishing of wet felt.

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    This ridged rolling pin is designed to make working and finishing your felt a much easier job. Easy to use as the main body rolls on a steel shaft. Just grip and roll. Its not a solid fixed end roller.

    The ridges are asymmetrical so that you are not running in the same grooves as you roll back and forth across the work.
    A symmetrical pattern tends to run in the same places so not so good.

    Produced from European Beech

    Made of hardwood the roller can be used just like a rolling pin. 
    This is one of those tools that some find very helpful for working on flat felt. Others find them not so great. Its one of those things that discussion focuses around. We started making them many years ago because of requests from felters

    As we produce and sell about 800 a year they obviously have a great deal of use for some felters 


    Rolling surface width - 25cm

    Width including handles - 45cm

    High quality European Beech