Wingham Felting Tool

A great value for money easy to use felting tool.

Simple design for maximum effect.
Complete with three needles and safe storage box. 

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Price and order
  • £9.25 tax incl.

This felting tool has been designed to be a tool which was simple and cheap enough not to put off those new to the medium, while at the same time doing it's job well enough that even a seasoned pro would be happy to use it.

The chunky wooden handle makes it easy to grip and control. Big enough to be gripped in the hand and small enough to be held between the fingers, pen style/

Nicely turned high quality finish.

It has the option to use one, two or three needles.
The tool is supplied with 3 x 36 gauge felting needles, though other gauge needles can be used.

For storage the needles can be reversed in the holder and safely concealed in the hollow handle.

Supplied with a safe storage slide lock box. It will keep the tool and any spare needles safe.

Because of the import of inferior far eastern wooden felting tools we feel we have the need to comment as comparison in price is being made by customers. Having inspected some of the cheaper ones we have found that apart from the wood being rough, holes for the needles have been drilled out of centre and alignment. Needles then go in all directions and are loose. This could cause needles to break. We suspect that breakages of our needles could have happened in some of these holding tools. Therefore, if you are breaking needles check the firmness of fixing and alignment of you tools.


Safety: Felting needles, like all sharp tools, need treating with care. They are not suitable for use by children without close supervision.