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    Kevlar fibre.

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    Ever wanted a bullet proof  jumper? Or maybe a scarf you can moor ships with?

    Kevlar is a synthetic fibre probably best known for its strength, 5 times stronger than steel but you may be surprised to learn the fibre itself is actually relatively soft and can be used just as you would with any other synthetic. Like most man made fibres it will not felt on its own, but can be incorporated into natural fibres. Or of course it can be spun to create a soft yarn.

    Lemon yellow shade. 

    A full technical description of the fibre can be looked up on wikipedia.

    HEALTH WARNING   WE DO NOT SUGGEST THAT YOU TRY AND MAKE A BULLET PROOF VEST AS WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OUTCOME. It takes a bit more expertise than just handspinning or weaving the fibre.