• Icicle  Trilobal Nylon  TNI 100gms

    Icicle Trilobal Nylon TNI 100gms

    Bright shiny triangular nylon.

    Dyes with wool dyes

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    This is a nylon fibre with a triangular cross section to each individual fibre. This has the effect of reflecting light to create the sparkle.
    This is known by various trade names that suggest the light reflecting properties. 

    This white trilobal will dye in the same way as natural fibres using acid dyes. Its the same as dyeing wool. The Landscape dyes work well with this fibre and of course being synthetic there is no problem with felting during the dye process. 
    Using the 20gm pots of Landscape dye you can create unique rainbow dyed shiny nylon  

    Create your own range of shades that won't shrink in the wash!

    Added to wools blends it gives a sparkle.