• Essentials of Handspinning

    Essentials of Handspinning

    The definitive guide to handspinning.

    Reprinted 2017

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    In the world of handspinning there's one name that is repeated time and time again.... Mabel Ross.

    Throughout the later years of her life Mabel became one of the first figures to study spinning and weaving, not only as a hobby or craft, but with an in-depth understanding of the underlying theory and techniques. She began teaching and giving talks and tuition throughout the world on handspinning and her book The Essentials Of Handspinning became the "must-have" manual on the subject.

    Some spinners have found the more detailed sections of the book that explain correctly the use of twist and angle a little daunting. Its worth the effort to read and follow.
    It was Mabels intention to produce a book of fact and not opinion as had often appeared in books previous to her publication. Hence the title The Essentials of Handspinning. She was also determined to sell at a price that made the book attractive to handspinners.
    If you search the web second hand copies of the book are being offered for sale at 10 times the original published price.
    Alastair Ross decided it was time to get the balance back in his mothers book and has republished at a comparable price to the original 1980 edition.


    The book is a straight reprint of the first edition and now published by Alastair Ross.
    This edition is spiral bound to make reference to it when working much easier.

    There are more details on our Blog page.


    Alastair Ross has set up a web page detailing his mothers Biography mabelross.co.uk


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