• White Norwegian Roving

    White Norwegian Roving

    Roving yarn R/WN

    Produced by West Yorkshire Spinners

    100gm hank 150 metres

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    Roving is a soft twist single ply yarn. There is a slight twist set in the fibre itself during processing. This means it can be used just like any other yarn, or can be untwisted to create interesting effects. 


    One great technique is to knit or crochet a scarf from the roving, then felt it slighty to make it a bit more snuggly. Of course, you have to allow for a slight shrinkage when making your scarf, but its definitley worth it!

    Rovings can also be used for art yarn spinning as a core thread for really chunky yarns that are popular when spun on the Ashford country spinner.


    100% Norwegian wool roving yarn

    100gm hank (150 metres)

    Colour Natural un-dyed, untreated

    Yarn suitable for hand dyeing and felting.

    Hand Wash 30°
    Reshape whilst damp