Kromski Symphony

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The Symphony is just the image you would expect a spinning wheel to take.

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  • £565.00 tax incl.

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  WHEEL PRICES UPDATE NOVEMBER 2015. Due to the increased exchange rate value of the UK £ over the Euro we have been able to recalculate prices. As we pay for the purchase of Kromski wheels in Euro they are now costing a little less. We will continue to monitor the exchange rate and modify prices. It does mean of course that in the future they may go up.

This wheel has the detail spinners have come to expect from Kromski products - lots of finely turned wood, attention to detail and all the features spinners have asked for. Start with a good size wheel diameter, 60 cm (24") which rotates on bearing sleeves, giving effortless treadling. The double treadles are well engineered to be comfortable through long spinning sessions. The flyer is double drive but also has Scotch tensioning for single drive users The double treadle system gives greater comfort when spinning for a long time, also provides more control over the wheel. If so desired the wheel will still operate using one treadle. Jumbo flyer unit now available The Symphony is made of European alder and birch.


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  • Wheel Diameter 60cm (24ins)
  • Weight 6.8kg (15lbs)
  • Ratios 7.5, 10, 16, 20
  • Orifice Height 68cm (27ins)
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