Kromski Prelude

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The look of an antique with the functionality of a modern wheel.

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The Prelude has the look of an antique wheel, with the high degree of wood turning which the Kromskis are famous for. However, it also has all the little touches that the modern spinner expects. We class this wheel as semi transportable as it has the feature of being able to turn the mother of all in line with the frame to make an easy to carry package. If you want a wheel that does everything, takes very little space and is easily carried this does the job. The Prelude is a single drive Scotch tension wheel. The drive band is self adjusting plastic for ease of use. The Prelude is easy to treadle , easy to transport and has an 18" diameter wheel (the same size as the Minstrel) for excellent ratios. If you like you can spin the mother-of-all in line with the bench for a more compact package when moving the wheel. This shown in the close up of the stained wheel The Prelude is made of European alder and birch. This is the first single drive Scotch tension wheel produced by the Kromskis. It takes the standard bobbins of all the wheel range.

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  • Wheel Diameter 40cm (18ins)
  • Weight 4kg (9lbs)
  • Ratios 6, 10.5, 13
  • Orifice Height 55cm (26ins)