Kromski Minstrel

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Setting a new standard for upright wheels.

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Clear Finish and Mahogany Finish available

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  • £470.00 tax incl.

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  WHEEL PRICES UPDATE NOVEMBER 2015. Due to the increased exchange rate value of the UK £ over the Euro we have been able to recalculate prices. As we pay for the purchase of Kromski wheels in Euro they are now costing a little less. We will continue to monitor the exchange rate and modify prices. It does mean of course that in the future they may go up.

Featuring a steady base for the double treadle and wheel, which is larger than many uprights at 18". The wheel is easy to mount on the two support posts - the third post will mount an optional distaff. It is a double drive wheel, but comes standard with Scotch tension set-up if you prefer the single drive feel. A threading hook and extra two speed whorl are conveniently stored up front for easy access. The design is traditional European, the wheel with the additional stub spokes gives it classic looks and adds to the mass of the wheel to make treadling easy. The whole thing is well balanced and easy to move around having a sturdy frame. A Jumbo Flyer conversion kit is available for this wheel. 


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  • Orifice Height 82cm (26ins)
  • Wheel Diameter 46cm (18ins)
  • Weight 5.9kg (13lbs)
  • Ratios 6.5, 8.5, 12