Kromski Sonata

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A wheel you can take anywhere you like!

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The Sonata is a full-size spinning wheel that folds and packs away making it perfect for taking around.This is a full size wheel that is simple to set-up. All parts are made form solid timber turned and moulded to give the classic look. The double treadle gives easy treadling with one or both feet, The positioning of the flyer is at normal working height and of conventional design. Being fully supported at each end there is no possibility of accidental damage occuring in use. This design also allows the quick change to a jumbo large oriface flyer which is available as an extra as well as a high speed flyer. The specially designed carry bag makes transportation easy, pack away time is less than 5 mins. Then the bag allows you to carry it by hand or as backpack as a nicely balanced load. This is one of the very few folding wheels that when in use looks like a normal wheel. For those who want portability with traditional wheel design this is the one to have.


Full technical details and dimensions can be seen on the Kromski site Here


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  • Wheel Diameter 48cm (19ins)
  • Weight 5kg (11.5lbs)
  • Ratios 6.7, 12.5, 14.1
  • Orifice Height 76cm (30ins)