Harp Forte Loom

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Harp Forte, the new version with metal ratchet and pawl.

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Loom stands, Bags and other bits and pieces.
A great value high quality product.

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Comments have been put out on social media that these looms are inferior as the warp loses tension when folded. This is incorrect. When the loom is folded the tension is eased off, the loom folded and the tension eased back on to hold the heddle in place. When unfolding the reverse process is carried out. If the loom was forced to fold under warp tension it could stretch the warp but this is an obviously daft thing to do.


The Kromski's have used the standard rigid heddle loom design and incorporated some useful features. 
For Summer 2014 they have improved the ratchet and pawl by producing them in metal and also added a clever little magnet into the frame that holds the pawl in the locked position.

Rigid heddle looms are great for beginners to weaving and experianced weavers who want to use up odd bits of yarn. Nothing special is required, normal knitting yarns work well in addition to the more traditional weaving yarns.
They are best suited to the smaller projects of scarves, cushion covers, rugs. 
With the single post warping method they can be set up quite quickly.
Add on a second heddle block and with two heddles simple pattern work can be produced

Representing excellent value for money these looms have many features not found on similar design types.  These looms are made and finished to a very high standard, the scroll finish and turned wooden fittings all contribute to the quality of care taken in the manufacture. The wood is finished with a clear varnish. Add to this the fact that the loom will fold away with the work left on and you have a high quality product being offered at a competitive price. For comparison purposes these looms function in the same manner as the Ashford rigid heddle  looms. 

In 2014 the 8" loom was added to the range. It functions just the same as the bigger looms and is very portable with the combination of the width and the folding ability. It drops into a normal sized shopping bag so you dont even need to spend money on a special carry bag. It compares to the Ashford Samplit loom withthe advantage of folding and having the reverse side warping frome facility which the Ashford doesnt.

Which Loom to buy ?

We are frequently asked this question. Best advice is that you can always weave a narrower piece than the looms maximum width. Therefore, its a choice you have to make depending on the projects you plan to do. The most popular size we sell is the 24 inch.

        All looms incorporate a set of pegs for converting the loom into a warping frame.
        All looms will fold up with the warp in place for transportation and storage.
        Clamps for table fixing and warping posts included 
        The quick single post warping method can be used. Have a look at the Ashford Handicrafts video on this method.
        Comes with a 8 dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, a threading hook, 2 clamps, a warping peg and warping board pegs.


      The frame is pre-drilled to take a second heddle block as a later add on. 
      10 and 12 dent heddles/reeds are also available, see the Kromski accessories page.
      Loom carry bags available.


    Ashford heddles will fit Kromski looms. Ashford heddles may need a very small amount of wood sanding off at the very end to fit them into the support slot, about 1mm is usual. This gives a much greater choice of heddle spacing.



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Assembly Instructions

 Please note  this set of instructions shows the older version nylon ratchet system, just a small section that can be ignored when read in conjunction with the in box instructions.

Assembly video  http://www.kromski.com/the-harp,144.htm 
This video is also a bit out of date. Lots of good information but ignore the section on jointing the loom cord and it refers to the nylon ratchets now replaced by the metal version. Good if used in conjunction with the in box instructions.


Please Note that with Kromski looms there is not any instructions on how to weave. There are plenty of books and videos that give excellent detailed instructions on how to set and use this type of loom.


Kromski Harp Forte Dimensions & Weight


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