Weavers Choice Heddle

A great innovative new product for the Harp rigid heddle loom.

Create you own heddle by snapping together the individual pieces.

A variable dent heddle where you choose the configuration.

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Price and order
  • £44.50 tax incl.

The Kromskie Weavers Choice Heddle really does give you complete control.

Have a look at the USA Kromski site all about the heddle here

This ingenious piece of kit uses a variety of individual heddle pieces which can be snapped together, allowing you to use various warp thicknesses in a single piece of work. You can create your own configuration, perfect for your design.

The set has everything you need to get going, including plastic heddles of 5, 8, 10 and 12 dent sizes. The number of pieces depends on the size of the looms, see below.



Loom Size (width) 8 " 16 " 24 " 32 "
Pieces included of 5 dents per inch 20 40 60 80
Pieces included of  8 dpi 20 40 60 80
Pieces included of  10 dpi 20 40 60 80
Pieces included of  12 dpi 20 40 60 80
Total pieces 80 160 240 320