• Ile de France

    Ile de France

    A good all purpose fibre.
    Currently proving popular with extreme knitters, 

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    Fleeces specially selected for us in France 

    This ivory, slightly off-white, fibre is a very good all-rounder wool. At 25 microns it's great for dry or wet felting and can be easily spun. A good  priced wool that has many uses.

    Currently proving popular with extreme knitters, who are knitting the tops as they are to produce extreme chunky blankets !

    Originally developed from crossing Leicester with Rambouillet Merino.

    The slightly higher micron than merino is often favoured by feltmakers wanting a core fibre for 3D figures or a harder wearing  wet felting wool. 

    For spinning and knitwear production it has a nice off white ivory shade and the micron count gives harder wearing properties good for the production of yarns double knit or heavier.