Wingham Hand Combs - Table mounting

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Hand Combs with a base unit for table mounting.

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  • £108.00 tax incl.

A pair of hand combs with a base unit to allow mounting on a table. This removes the need to hold a comb in each hand, making the handling easier.


The handle and tines are designed for ease of use being set at an angle to give a good strike and pull action.

Each tine is accurately ground to the optimum point for good wool penetration.

The set is a pair of combs with a base unit for holding one comb, a diz and also included is a straightener tool just in case a bit too much force is used.

When packed together the whole unit is secure with the combs held in place in the base. They can be used free of the base as a pair of simple mini combs or one clamped in the base unit in the upright position.

Base unit table clamps are not provided as they are easily obtainable from hardware stores.

The combs are approximately 9cm wide with tines 3mm diameter 10cm long

Individual comb weight 150gms. Total unit weight 600gms.


Each set of combs is handbuilt. We do try and keep them in stock for immediate delivery but often we have a delay as we catch up with orders.

Care of combs

Its most important to keep them clean and dry. Because the tines are carbon tool steel if they are left wet they may show signs of surface rust. To avoid this after use make sure they are clean and dry and then give a light spray with WD40 or a similar light oil.