• Wingham Drop Spindle - Large

    Wingham Drop Spindle - Large

    The perfect introduction to spinning.

    40-50gm spindle. Hand turned

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    The Wingham spindle is a basic spindle which can be used either upright or inverted.  A good weight for most woolen type fibres. Particularly suited to beginners as too great a weight can cause breakages when first learning.

    We produce these with a hook for top whorl spinning. If you wish the hook can be removed or left in and a notch cut to hold a hitch and convert it to a bottom whorl. It is possible to use as a bottom whorl without a notch but the yarn leader may slip off.  

    The Wingham spindles are produced by ourselves and whilst cheaper than the others they are a good basic spindle. The price is less as they are made here and therefore, the costs are reduced.


    The perfect introduction the spinning, the drop spindle allows you to pick up the basics of spinning without a huge investment. 

    Approximate weight 40-50gmsgms

    Whorl diameter 8.5cm

    Shaft 30cm long