Privacy policy

We shop and buy online just like everyone else, so understand the concerns about where infomation and personal details end up. We will never sell or pass on any of your details to a third party unless you specifically request us to do so.

Just like any other seller we are legally obliged to collect certain information from customers. This covers;

* Name
* Address
* Contact details
* What you bought 


If you process your order through this website as a Guest then this is all the infomation which will be stored about you. This is kept on a single drive and is not stored online.

Cart Logins

When buying online we now offer the ability to become a registered user of the site. This is not required, but offers certain plus points, such as the abilty to review your orders.

If you choose to create an account with us then your details will be stored on a secure remote server. No payment details will be stored, either by us or anyone else.

Payment Details

When buying online all payments are processed through PayPal, perhaps one of the most well known and trusted companies online. Once you reach the payment stage of your order all card infomation is processed by their system and servers, meaning we never see your account details. PayPal checks your details and gives us permission to take the appropriate amount of funds from your account. From start to finish non of your account details are dealt with by us.

Our procedure is to only take payment from PayPal when we send the order. No payment is taken at the time of placing the order you are only giving payment details and authorizing us to take the amount when we despatch. 


We offer an opt-in mail service, through which we offer regular news and promotions. Email addresses associated with this service are stored on third-party servers. We do not sell or pass on addresses to anyone. Subscribers can choose to leave this service at any time, either by clicking the link supplied in the emails or by contacting us directly.