Education and Organization Purchasing

  • We accept official orders from Educational  and other Government bodies. We also extend this to private institutions subject to our approval.

  • Credit terms of 30 days from the date of delivery are allowed. We have low carriage charges. Discounts start on sales of £50 or more. We believe we offer the combination of best prices and quality with sound advice. As we have been dealing in fibres and equipment for over 35 years we have a thorough working knowledge.

To make an order from an Education establishment all we need is the contact details of the organisatiion and an Official Order Form with purchase order number. Orders can be sent by Mail, Fax, Email or Phone.  

As well as our normal retail opening times visitors are welcome on any day except Saturday, just give us a phone call to check there is someone on the premises who can assist you. A few times in the year we are away running workshops.

Our normal terms of business apply, discounts are given on bulk purchases at our published discount rate.

Making Payment

Payments are accepted by BACS transfer, cheque or credit/debit card.

If the BACS system is used a payment advice notification should be made by email or post.

Bank details for BACS transfer    Account 51792075  Sort Code 403907

If you need any guidance on making an order please conatct us.
We have very large stocks of fibres and a prompt delivery service plus a high speed 24 hour priority delivery service for those emergency times. 


We offer help on the suitability of the materials we sell but can't answer the question, "How much do I need"
There are too many variables when estimating quantity. Trial pieces are the only answer before starting a project. A very rough guide from our experience is that for an A4 sized piece of felt we have used 30gms + of fibre.

We offer the Try Before You Buy service at our Wentworth premises. See the Try Before You Buy page. You can come and make sample pieces with our fibres free of charge. The simplest way to find out what you need.

Bulk purchases, equipment

If you are planning on ordering several items of large equipment, wheels, looms etc we can give a special quotation on request. Advice can also be given on the suitability of equipment. Please conatct us at

Equipment Demonstration

Just about all the items we sell are on display at Wentworth for customers to come along, inspect and try out. If you are considering purchasing items for a group or class we can offer advice on suitability. A few of our team are retired teachers of many years experience and are aware of the needs of education including the budget restrictions that apply. We always try and offer the best advice based on the needs of the group versus the need not to spend too much. 


Health and Safety

The majority of products do not carry any specific risk outside of the normal expected ones from general household textile products.

The fibres/yarns are in the same category as any other textile materials sold. Specific notices are not given with balls or bags of wools just as they would not be in any high street shop.
Our range of dyed wools are produced to the Oeke Tex 100 standard which is basically a certification to class the wool as baby safe non toxic dyes.

Felting needles have the obvious risk of being sharp, just like a sewing needle.

Dyes in the dry powder state have to be handled with care to avoid inhalation. Full data sheets can be found on the Kraftkolour Australia web site.


We do not supply wool in the grease off the sheep in an unwashed condition. But if you choose to use this type of wool obtained from other sources you should be aware of the risks.
Being dirty and contaminated with earth and faeces the wool should be handled with care and personal hygiene given priority. Just like gardeners you are advised to be up to date with tetanus vaccinations.
Before processing the fleece it is best washed making it safer and more pleasant to handle.


Student Discounts

For any student on a textile course undertaking their final projects we offer a special discount of  20% on any fibres and yarns. All you need to do is contact us with basic details of your course and we will send details of how to claim the discount.

We do not sponsor individual students but prefer to offer support to as many as possible by offering this discount.