This section is solely for the use of those approved as being eligable for wholesale.

Online ordering is not available. We prefer to deal with orders through the office and check all is ok.

We make ourselves available to give advice on fibres and equipment as making the wrong choice when ordering in bulk can cause problems. We have the working knowledge of the fibres as we have been handspinning for 40 years, manufacturing equipment which we know how to use and producing on our textile machinery the fibres that spinners and felters need. Theres not many of us around who "know everything". 

Please order by  email or fax stating clearly that you are a Wholesale customer.
If you are not registered with us you need to apply for wholesale terms


If you would like to apply for wholesale terms please send details of your business to alan@winghamwoolwork.co.uk   

Wholesale terms are only given to those who are reselling fibres and equipment as a business. We will supply to shops, commercial web site users and market traders. Details of your methods of selling are required for our approval. We do not supply casual sellers at wholesale rates. Check the retail rates for our bulk discounts.


Outline of our Conditions, full details will be found on the wholesale web page.

Please order by  email or fax stating clearly that you are a Wholesale customer.

Payment is made by Pro Forma Invoice, we do not have credit accounts. The Invoice will be sent to you and then payment taken at the time of shipping.

The minimum order level is based on value not weight and for fibres the minimum unit of order is 100gms on the exotic fibres and 500gms on most of the wools. Items of equipment have minimum order numbers. All the details are on the listing.

Delivery is normally up to 5 working days. We process wholesale orders as quickly as we can but no guarantee of delivery date is given.When items are out of stock or being manufactured delivery times will be extended, we will normally inform you of this situation. No liability for extended delivery time is accepted by ourselves.

We dont sell all our retail products wholesale as some such as wheels and looms are available elsewhere.  Most of the branded products we retail are available direct from producers/importers in the UK.

Wingham Wool Work are specialist suppliers of fibres and equipment to Feltmakers, Handspinners and Textile fibre crafts.Our policy is to offer the best quality materials at the best prices. Emphasis is on quality as we base all our sales on repeat customers both wholesale and retail. We look at the the area we sell to as more of a community rather than just a sales opportunity. By adopting this policy we have become well known throughout the UK as reliable suppliers and a source of information and expertise as well as materials.

As a buyer or potential buyer from us we invite you to come and sample felt or spin any of our fibres free of charge. This is a service detailed in the retail area of the web site but equally applies to wholesale buyers. 

In most instances we purchase direct from the producers so that we are able to maintain control of the types and qualities of the materials we sell. Having been dealing in fibres for the last 40 years we are able to apply our skills to ensure that we only sell fibres that “work” for the tasks they are required for. In addition we have been using all our materials/equipment ourselves in the production and teaching of the textile crafts so we are able to understand and advise on the appropriate choices. We are not simply a merchant of our products, we fully understand them. There is always someone on our team able to give advice on any particular product.


We concentrate on the high quality wool types that give a consistant result for the end user. Cheaper alternatives are available but we believe that our wool quality give the very best results. Animal welfare is also at the forefront as we do not source wools from flocks that are subject to mulesing. We also do not deal in any of the exotic fur fibres from animals that are cage farmed.

If you require further information please contact us.
If you have been given a price quote from other sources we are happy to have a look and see if we can offer a competitive price. 

Any offers are subject to availability. 


Wholesale Pricelist 

The wholesale pricelist can be viewed or downloaded  by visiting the link below. Please note, the document is password protected and as such only those who have been approved as wholesale customers can access it.


If you are a wholesale customer and are having trouble logging on please email alan@winghamwoolwork.co.uk to update your details.


Updates and the Wholesale list

We have regular updates to the wholesale list, new additions, special offers etc. It is suggested that you keep a check on this.Please check prices before ordering by email

When you have been allocated a password please click on the link below to access the current list.

Wholesale Pricelist