Snowy Creek Roller Felter

 This new generation Roller Felting Machine combining ease of use, flexibility and safety into one transportable unit. The design of the machine provides felters with the greatest flexibility in the finished product under controlled, repeatable conditions. 
Ruth and Alan visited Snowy Creek in Australia in order to check out the machine for themselves.... the rest is self explanatory. They were so impressed they wasted no time in shipping one over to the UK for feltmakers to have a go on. 


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Demonstrations and Machine Hire

 We have a machine set up at Wentworth. If you would like to see it in action please give us a call to arrange a demonstration time. If you want to work on it yourself see the details of renting time on it.

See the Snowy Creek Roller Felter machine in action

The machine is available for hire at Wentworth. It is suitable for groups of 4 maximum.

We provide instruction on how to use the machine and then let you get on with creating your felts. You will need basic knowledge of feltmaking. It is not suitable for beginners as the techniques of  feltmaking need to be understood. Tuition on feltmaking is not given.
Fibres for the first sample pieces are provided free of charge. You will need to bring your own fibres to work with or purchase them from us.

Tea and coffee are provided any time during the day. Thee are 2 pubs and the village shop that sells sandwiches. Hire cost is £25 per day for up to 4 persons.

You could combine a session on the machine with staying at one of our cottages in Elsecar just a mile down th road. Details of the cottages are on the accommodation page. 



The photos show the main features of the machine.

The black box is the variable speed control running from zero to maximum with a smooth rotary control. The grey box is the time control from 0 to 60 minutes.

The upper roller and safety cover are held in place by a safety catch. A safety cut out switch is connected to the lid to instantly stop the machine when the lid is lifted. The pressure of the top roller is self adjusting.

If there is a need to increase the pressure on the top roller, up to 6 kilos of water can be added. This is normally not needed but is a built in feature.

The flexible core action is the key to the even felting of the work throughout the total thickness of the roll. No need to take out work, turn or rotate it to get even felting. This is one of the special features of the machine. It is a very similar action to hand rolling felt as the action is a roll and massage effect. It is not just rolling under pressure.

Each machine is tested and the tracking adjusted before leaving the makers. A tracking adjustment is provided just in case adjustment is needed later. 

No water catching tank is provided as there is no dripping water in this system. It works with "just damp" fibre. There is a drip tray but it should not be needed.

Weight approx 60 kilos. Not a portable unit but easily lifted to transport.

Operates on a standard 240 volt system. All electrical and mechanical parts are backed up by the makers. Consideration has been given for future long life usage in that all the component parts are available from alternative suppliers. Nothing has been included in the design to create an obsolete machine in the distant future.


How to make felt.

Simply lay out your fibre on a sheet of packaging bubble wrap, moisten it with warm soapy water, then roll up your work around the flexible core. Place the rolled up work between the rollers in the machine and you're pretty much done! Closing the guard lowers the top roller applying an even constant pressure to your work as it rotates between the rollers. Extra pressure can be applied by adding up to 6 litres, 6 kilos, of water to the top roller

At the centre of the Snowycreek roller felting machine is it’s unique flexible core. This light weight mesh cylinder supports the bubble wrap containing your work as it is rotated between the motorised rollers. The flexible cores shape changes as it rotates rolling your work in a fashion very similar to hand rolling. The effect of the machine action is to roll and massage the fibres ensuring even felting throughout the work. No need to turn or re-position the work.

The whole process is carried out with damp fibre so there is no free water splashing around. 

Speed of the rollers and the felting time are precisely controlled by the operator using the sensitive speed and time controls.

Whilst the design of the machine is unique all the parts are normal engineering components. This makes the long term maintainence very easy. All parts are fully supported by Snowy Creek and Wingham Wool Work but in the event of problems in the far distant future any components required could be sourced locally. 

We have a machine set up on display at Wentworth if you want to come and inspect it please contact us.




Height closed 520mm 
Height open 700mm 

Length overall 1500mm 
Length outside of the support  feet 1225mm 
Depth overall 600mm 
Depth outside feet 520mm 
Weight 63kg 
Power 240 volts 
10 amp 
Timer control
Speed control, fine adjustments are made very smoothly
All 3 rollers are driven for maximum felting
Self adjusting pressure roller for the optimum effect
Tray drain to left to catch any drips, no flowing water


Price to include;

March 2015 exchange rate

Packing, crating, shipping, import duties, import documentation fees. Cost of machine delivered to UK address is around £4000-£5000 (incl VAT and all fees). We will give an accurate quote based on the current exchange rates. The base price in Australia is around £3500 (March 2015) but on importing there is the addition of, crating cost, shipping costs, VAT, import duties, documentation fees

Delivery to Highland and Islands and other non UK locations will be quoted for. 

Prices guide given are as at March 2015. Because of changes to the exchange rate of the Australian Dollar the prices quoted should be used as a guide only as its value tends to vary. Shipping costs can also change slightly up or down depending on the availability of shipping container space and the precise destination in the UK. Any price we do agree to when a purchase is made will be fixed.