Wingham Featured Artist: Innerspiral

 Spinning  Carding Door  Hat  Scarf
Innerspiral Innerspiral Innerspiral Innerspiral Innerspiral

Innerspiral is a fibre art and hoopdance studio based in Somerset run by Paul & Sara EllisReid. We design and create our own homegrown brand of ARtWeAR clothes and accessories using natural wools and fibres. We dye, spin and felt.

As we make so many hats and hoods in both felt and art yarn we’re starting to get known as the Mad Hatters! We have certain ranges that we work to custom order on and we also have a range of unique pieces that get created as one offs. Alongside this is an array of cuffs, collars, cowls, scarves, flower jewellery, belts, waistcoats and anything else we dream up to make!

We are passionate about our work, perfectionist and obsessive. We spin art yarns on our Majacraft Pioneer wheel and then we crochet them in freestyle designs we have honed down over a number of years. As feltmakers we have a Maximum Shrinkage Policy! Hand fulling the fibres until the piece has reached its full shrinkage makes a whole new dimension of felt and we love it! The fibres become extra dense and so strongly water and weather resistant, tough and long lasting. All of our felt is made seamlessly, using templates, and the hats are entirely hand blocked with no use of stitching apart from small details, such as a button.

Our inspiration for our work comes from fairytales and fantasy, avant garde and underground culture, festivals and fancy dress as well as other artists like Plucky Fluff, Katwise and Folk Owl. Our experimental streak fuels us and progresses us – we love to break boundaries and challenge ourselves, coming up with new designs, perfecting older ones, constantly reworking and reinventing and having fun!

We have an absolute handmade ethic and like to incorporate as wide a range of natural fibres as possible, including hand dyed wool, raw alpaca, hand processed fleece, silks and threads, blending them up on our drumcarder to create exciting and dynamic batts for each different project.

If you’d like to find out more about us, pop over and say hi on our Facebook Page or visit our Website. If you are interested in buying any of our work we take our stall out to various markets, festivals and fairs throughout the year and you can find our calendar on our website. We also sell online through Etsy



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