Peter Teal English Wool Combs

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The  Classic Peter Teal design English Worsted Combs which will provide years of use.

For the precise production of combed fibres for worsted spinning

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As these combs are individually hand built we dont always have them ready to send out. We try and keep some stock but demand often means there can be a delay. We therefore, cannot send them on 24 hour priority

There are many designs of comb being produced based on spikes and nails in blocks of wood but very few in our opinion are the correct design. We have a designed precision ground double taper tine at the heart of our comb.

Ours are traditional design English Wool Combs which evolved over many years whilst in use by professional wool combers into the design we now replicate. 

We have not compromised on the original Peter Teal  design and materials and have put many hours into ensuring we get a quality finish for a tool that will last a lifetime. Each set is handcrafted from selected beech, given a hand lacquered finish which is carefully rubbed down between coats to ensure a truly durable finish. The steel tines are produced to our specification, hardened and tempered carbon tool steel.

A great deal of research was carried out by  Peter Teal to perfect the design which was based upon traditional English combs. All the features of design of the combs and stand are there for good reason, to ensure perfect woolcombing. 

Without the time he spent perfecting the design we'd be unable to offer this product today. After long deliberation we did make a slight alteration to the design by putting a small block behind the head of the combs to stop them sliding out of the storage position when the unit is picked up. This is the only change we were able to make to Peters original design. The original dimensions and weights have been replicated as they give the correct balance to the combs.

Specification, traditional English wool combs for true worsted preparation.
Peter Teal put many hours of research and development to come up with what has become a tried and tested design.

His book Hand Wool Combing and Spinning has become a classic in the handspinning world. Everything has a good reason for being part of the design. The comb head and tines are designed to the optimum length, spacing, angle and weight to give an efficient action on the swing of the comb. When clamped in the pad the static comb is correctly positioned to allow a good follow through on the swing action. The pad is mounted on the base at an angle to fix the comb in the correct position to the swinging comb. Options are produced for right and left handed users

Comb weight is 660gms. The whole unit is 3.4 kilos shipping weight.
If you require a left handed set please request this at the time of ordering.

The pad is fixed on the base for either right or left hand use. We will assume right handed if a request is not made.

Built from European Beech originating from sustainable sources.
Sealed varnish finish.

Tines are 4 pitch hardened and tempered 3mm carbon tool grade steel tines. Tine straightener included just in case you have an accident. Its important to use this tool as it accurately fits over the tines enabling accurate repositioning.

Raised pad design for a correct working height and position. This is roughly elbow height which is better for working rather than table top height.

The base is pre drilled for screwing to a bench. The alternative is to use G clamps(not supplied). Table clamps are not included as they are heavy and make the combs expensive to ship. They are easily purchased from any hardware store.

Three hole sized diz include

Manufactured for left and right handers, please specify when ordering as the combs are constructed for whatever hand you operate with. 

 Dimensions and Specifications

Height of base unit 31cm    width 24cm  length 33cm
Comb head 10.5 x 7.5 cm  Tines 4 rows 16cm  15cm  14cm 13cm  carbon steel 3mm diameter
Handle 20cm long 3cm diameter
Comb weight 660gms

 Weight of the complete unit 3.4 kilos 

All dimensions are slightly variable as they are individually produced not mass machined.

How to Use the combs. Fully detailed instructions are given in Peter Teals book Hand Woolcombing and Spinning. We include the original  notes from Peter on how to use the combs.

For a detailed demonstration on how to use English Wool Combs have a look at the link to Amanda Hannaford 

Care of combs

Its most important to keep them clean and dry. Because the tines are carbon tool steel if they are left wet they may show signs of surface rust. To avoid this after use make sure they are clean and dry and then give a light spray with WD40 or a similar light oil.