Wingham Drum Carder Stainless Steel Wire

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A superior design carder using engineered bearings
and stainless steel card cloth 

Includes £15 Wingham Fibre Voucher 

Carriage free to UK destinations

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  • £340.00 tax incl.

 Includes £15 Wingham Fibre Voucher 

Carriage free to UK destinations


For 2017 we have made a slight change in that the rotating handle is now stainless steel. Not a great deal of difference but it is now rustproof to match the wire. We think it looks nicer than the mild steel it has replaced, just a slight upgrade in the specification.


Check out our specification. Any make of drum carder should meet up to this standard. Use this as a comparison check list.

We reckon we have a high specification carder at a reasonable price. As it is a relatively expensive piece of equipment we want it to be trouble free and future proof. If in the future any repairs or replacements are needed the parts would be available from us or other engineering suppliers.

  • For long life and low maintainence all rotating shafts run in Oilite self lubricating sintered bronze bearings, not metal on wood as wear can easily happen and cause misalignment of the drums
  • Stainless steel wire card cloth. Never rusts, 
  • Fully adjustable drums. Essentail on any machine to maintain the correct carding gap. 
  • Table clamps for secure fixing.
  • Hardwood frame. Beech
  • Designed to reduce the pick up of stray fibres, clean lines and lack of protruding parts to collect fibres and cause jams.
  • Danish oil finish for extended life and give an easily maintained quality of finish.
  • Doffer awl, the spike is designed to run cleanly between the wires so no need for any extra doffing tool. This make for easy removal of batts and stray fibres from the drum.
  • A packer brush is included, this allows more fibre to be put on the drum
  • Cleaning Brush included
  • Ability to change the card cloth after many years of use. Traditional margin and end joint fixing. Easily removed and replaced. The card cloth is not glued down as not glueing  allows full flexing of the wire and ease of future replacement. We staple around the edge and screw down the ends. 

  • Dimensions: 18.5" Long x 16" wide (Inc. Handle) x 9" High.

Width without handle 11"  

Carding drum width 8"

The use of this superior stainless card cloth wire means that there will never be any corrosion on the wire. Previously we used tin plated wire card cloth which takes a little bit of care to keep it dry and corrosion free, not a difficult thing to do but by using stainless wire we have removed this need for maintenance.
If comparing specifications from different makers have a look at the type of wire being used and the bearings fitted as these may be points of difference.


Available with 72 point card cloth. This is the great all rounder for carding. Most of the card cloth produced by us is 72 point. It has been the most popular over the last 40 years.

We have chosen to use the 72 point card cloth as the standard type as in our experience of very many years of carding this is the type that does most jobs. We do manufacture other wire settings so others are available. Coarser settings don't do as much work to the fibre, they can be useful for fleece opening but this makes them limited in function and equally finer set wire works with the superfine fibres but is limited. Therefore, we reckon the 72 point will serve you well. This applies to any make of drum carder not just ours. Feel free to give us a call if you need any more information or advice.

 The only parts not handmade by ourselves are the nuts and bolts, bearings and drive belt, which is actually made in Yorkshire for us. The frame is made from sustainably sourced European Beech onto which we apply Danish oil to enhance the grain and help prevent the woodwork getting too dirty.

Design Features

Essentially all drum carders are alike, two drums one big one small with card cloth. There is not much to choose between any make, its just what you like the look of.  Ours differs from all the rest on a few essential points.

The frame is fixed by use of barrel nuts and bolts with allen key heads which makes dis-assembly simple. In the event of fibre getting stuck on the shafts it can be easily taken apart and the offending material removed. 


The large drum measures 20cm (8") in width and a diameter of 18cm (7"). This means your final batt will be approximately 20cm by 56cm.
We set the gap between the 2 drums at what we consider to be an average distance to work well with the majority of fibres. The setting is such that the wire points hardly touch enableing the fibre to be teased apart rather than ripped.
Technically the gap should be 15 to 25 thousandths of an inch but as they are wooden drums in a wooden frame this level of precision is difficult to attain. It is a specification that is applied to industrial machinery where the drums are made of steel held in a steel frame. So with  the small drum carder we just have to be aware of this standard.

You should never set the drums so the wires mesh as this tears and damages the fibres and causes excessive wear on the wire

The carder has been built with function as the top priority, with price coming in a close second. The aim was to produce a drum carder which does the job you would expect of it, and do it well, while at the same time remaining at a price which doesn't break the bank. Plus its made entirely in Yorkshire. 
If through long and hard use you manage to wear out the card cloth it is easily replaced. 

Table clamps and doffer awl (spike), cleaning brush and packer brush are included with the carder.



The card cloth is guarantee to give a working life of at least 10 years subject to fair usage. With care it will last many years more.

Fair usage is setting the drums to prevent meshing of the wire and not using dirty contaminated fibers.  Domestic use, not hireing out the machine. Not bending the wire by use of incorrect tools.

The framework is guaranteed for 10 years.


We will service any Wingham Drum carder charging only for any parts required, with no labour charges.

Cost of return carriage to the customer will also be charged.  

Damage to the wire caused by unusual usage/abuse eg fitting motors, carding unprepared dirty wool, is not covered.

Your statutory rights in British consumer law wiil be applied.


There is no specific safety concern with hand powered drum carders. As they are rotated by hand its just a case of taking care when in use. 

These machines are not suitable for fitting motors of any type. They would then become unsafe.  
All guarantees given for the Wingham drum carder would be invalid if a motor of any type was added.

Timber sourcing
The Beech we use is European sourced and certified to PEFC standard. The certification can be seen here



Third parties are now offering add on motor units. We strongly advise that they are not added. A drum carder becomes dangerous when motorized without a guard system. It is too easy to strip the skin or do worse to your hands. Safety standards generally require that all hazardous moving parts are guarded and that the machine will not run with any guards open. If you have a motorized carder and allow someone to use it who subsequently injures themselves there could be liability problems.

The addition of a motor invalidates any guarantee on Wingham or Ashford carders as the carder is rated as a hand powered machine.



If problems arise in any of the functions of your drum carder please contact us. 

Quite a few answers will be found on the information sheet packed with the carder. If you have lost it please request another.

A few common questions;

How to remove fluff from around the shafts.

With care this can be avoided. The frame is constructed to be easily dismantled by slacking off the hex headed bolts. It may be that the fluff can be got at by just slacking them off. Removal and replacement is easy as they are all identical bolt units.

How to adjust the carding gap between the rollers

First remove the drive belt making a note of how it goes around the pulleys. Slack off the 4 hex bolts on the small roller. Insert a sheet of A4 paper between the rollers and push the small roller up against it so that it is held in place. Make sure you keep the rollers parallel. Tighten the bolts. Turn the rollers, you should find that the paper is just gripped by the wire but is not torn. Also when turning them they should just tickle against each other without any resistance. Finally put the drive belt back on and check everything moves freely.

Handle difficult to remove

If you want to take the handle off and it is difficult to remove try the following. Place a towel on top of the main drum and hold the drum. This is to protect your fingers. Give the handle a sharp blow anticlockwise. It should be enough to hit it with the palm of your hand. If it is really stuck, cover the wooden handle with a cloth, this is to prevent bruising of the wood. Now hit it with a mallet. Always works for us !

  • Batt Size 20cm x 56cm approx
  • Drum Size Width - 20cm, Diameter- 18cm
  • Ratios 4:1, 5:1
  • Size L 47cm, W 25cm, H 21cm
  • Wire 72 points per square inch, stainless wire, 25 carder wire guage