Replacement Blending Board Cloth 8".


Suitable for DIY making your own board. 

Superior quality Stainless steel wire, 

A standard 12inch long  8inch wide  piece

Please note that the current batch has a grey backing


The 24 hour priority service is not available on this item. 

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Price and order
  • £28.00 tax incl.

Please note that the current batch has a grey backing.

This piece can be used if you plan on making your own 8" wide board at home. 

All our card cloth is made to our own specifications. The coarse, standard and fine grades are the same as those found on our carders, helping to standardise the processing of fibres. The grading of card cloth is done on the basis of the approximate number of points per square inch.

If you're unsure about which grade you need then feel free to contact us, however for the majority of fibres the standard cloth 72 point is the best for the job. Its whats mostly used on hand and drum carders so why use something different on a blending board. We have seen finer types being used and cannot understand why.


Below is the size of our standard piece, if you want longer please purchase through the drum carder part of the web site.

We use stainless steel wire as this is superior to either nickel or tin plated wire.
Stainless wire is much more durable



Length - 305mm (12")

Width - 203mmm (8")

Wire width - 180mm (7")  

Rubber border / side margin - 16mm    


Wire setting 72 points per square inch. The general type most used.



Card cloth is normally fixed to the base board by staples or tacks along the edges only.
It should never be glued as this locks the pins in place and looses the flexibility and carding action. 

 Delivery Times

Please note that  production of  card cloth is on slow working machinery there can be a delay of a few days if we are dealing with a lot of orders. We do hold stocks but sometimes we run out and have to catch up. If you want 24 hour delivery please check before ordering.


DIY Board Making

Its easy to make your own board from a simple version to more a sophisticated adjustable angle , adjustable keel type. Ours is the latter type with all the extra bits but you can easily produce your own version. We dont mind if you copy our design, but we keep a bit of secrecy on where we get our fittings from. The clue is that they are all UK sourced, have fun finding them !

A suitable base board, slightly larger than the card cloth dimensions, needs to be sourced. There are lots of chopping boards or kitchen work top offcuts that would be suitable.

The most important part of the job is fixing the card cloth. Sadly we have seen totally incorrect methods being suggested. Under no circumstances should it be glued. I would suggest that we do know how to work with card cloth as we manufacture it and have produced thousands of carders in the last 30 years. Some of the blog sites are absoloute nonesense.

The card cloth is manufactured to be on a flexible backing so that the wires will flex. If it is glued down then it looses this property and is no longer card cloth but just spikes on a board that are more likely to tear and break the fibres.

To fix all you need to do is keep it tight and fix the edges with staples or tacks. This also allows it to be easily replaced if ever it wears out after many years of use.