Try Before You Buy

One thing we hear a lot is just how difficult in can be to choose fibres by looking at a website. Colour, texture, handling…. None of these can be conveyed with 100% by any online store, but we have a solution.

Come along to the shop and give them a go. We welcome sample spinners and felters to visit and try as many different fibres as you like, with absolutely no commitment to buy, and all for no charge. Simply bring your wheel, or borrow one of ours, and you can spend the whole day trying new and interesting fibres.  The only rule we have is that you only use a little bit of each.

What is included

  • Free use of all our fibres, subject to availability. Some exotic fibres, such as musk ox down and vincunia may not be included do to their very high value.
  • Free use of display wheels and carders, subject to availability. If you know you would like to try a certain piece of equipment please let us know beforehand.

What isn’t included

  • No formal tuition is included. We will be on hand to offer tips and advice, but for the majority of the day you’ll be left to yourself.

How to book

Please contact the office in order to book your Try Before You Buy day. Sessions must be booked in advance, as we need to ensure someone will be on hand to get you going and answer any questions you may have.

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