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In recognition of our Yorkshire roots we have adopted the names of places in Yorkshire for this range. Once the Yorkshire textile industry dominated the world, now its much smaller with just a few of the old famous mills and companies still in operation.

These blends are made onsite here at Wentworth using our own machinery.
We developed many of these blends over the last 20 years and gave them the name of Rainbow blends.
We also have a range of natural colour blends which we call Humbugs which can be found elsewhere on the site.

We produce three types of Rainbow blend.
Pure merino blended two or three times to give a mixing of the colours but still retaining the striping.
Pure merino blended just once. This combines the colours into a standard thickness top but gives very strong stripes. We refer to these as stripe blends.
Merino with silk blended two or three times to mix the colours and silk. About 25-30% silk content

When spinning these blends the colours will blend together some more. If you spin from the end of the blended top it will tend to produce blocks of colour. If you work at right angles to the run of the top it will cause the colours to produce a more subtle mix. Or try a bit of both methods.
These blends are great for feltmaking. The tops can be spread sideways , dont break the top and felted to make a delicate lightweight scarf. If you use a silk fabric base as in nuno felt it can be made even more delicate and stronger.
They also break up and blend well in a more traditional flat felt.

If you don't see a blend you like then drop us a line and we'll make it for you! Blends can be produced with a minimum 500gm order.
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