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White and cream coloured wools.
The best quality fleeces are selected, then thoroughly sorted for the best parts to go for processing.
We can take pride in our natural fibres being the best quality available as all the low quality parts have been removed. There will be no short second clippings and vegetable matter content will be the minimum.
The quality of the wool varies depending on the breed type. Theres lots of places on the web to get independent descriptions of the sheep and their wool.

Wool that has been only washed and carded can sometimes have a small amount of vegetation, often refered to as VM (vegetable matter) mixed in with it. Not enough to cause problems, it can be picked out when spinning or felting.
Our third type is broken tops which are usually carded by us. These are the bits of tops left from processing or have been deliberately broken for carding. They give a good carded result as they have in fact been given an extra process. They are sold as either batts or as a loose fluffy mass ready for felting or spinning.

Everyone likes a discount! Rather than use a complicated discount system, we keep prices as low as possible to start with.
These discounts will be applied to fibre purchased at the checkout stage .

£50 or more - 5% discount
£200 or more - 10% discount
£400 or more - 20% discount
£500 or more - 25% discount