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Unique blends of carded Merino 70s and White Silk.

Each blend is selected, picked and made here in Wentworth on our own carding engine. The flexibility this gives us means we can experiment to our hearts content... and we do! Quite often if you visit the shop or come and see us at a show we'll have a huge selection of carded and combed blends. We use this as a sort of customer survey; if a blend sells well it makes it into our standard range.

The few examples here are just a small representation of of what we have in our range, they do not reproduce well on the web due to the subtle shades. We prefer you to come and have a look at them and even sample spin or felt them. See our try before you buy service.

If you can't see a blend that you like then why not get in touch and let us know what you'd like to see. You never know, it might make it onto these pages.

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