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We stock a wide range of blends made from dyed Merino 70's (21 micron) range together with white silk. We use the 21 micron merino rather than coarser types to ensure we enhance the handle of the silk to produce a soft handle blend.

Have a look at our Yorkshire Range for more of the rainbow silk blends.

We run our own machinery for making the combed blends, we dont buy them in. They have been produced by ourselves for the last 30 years so when it come to making blends we have a good idea as to what works well.

All our blends our made by us onsite here at Wentworth, so we can always be sure of the quality.

Custom Blends
And the best bit is that if you don't see a blend you like we'll happily make it for you! Your personal blend can be made from whichever colours take your fancy, together with the option of adding silk or leaving it out.

Just get in touch to discuss your needs.
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