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At Wingham Wool we are able to offer unique carded fibre blends and tops, created at our workshop using our own specialist machinery. Blends can be a real bonus as we take all the hard work out of mixing the fibres.
We created the idea of the humbug blends for handspinners and feltmakers 30 years ago. They have proved popular ever since.
What we think makes our blends special is the careful selection of the fleeces before washing and blending. The wool is carefully hand selected to get the very best parts of the fleece before the processing starts. This then ensures that at each stage of the process the quality is maintained. Wool of the correct fibre length for the type, quality of handle and lack of vegetation then goes into the making of our combed tops.

The range of merino silk blends combines the ease of spinning wool with the luxury of silk. We offer a stock range but you can also have any blend made on request. A minimum order of 500gms is required for this service.