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This is the area of the web site that we list those items that are either non repeatable or are the end of lines or perhaps those odd lots that we don't have enough of to make to the main part of the site. Everything is fit for purpose and covered by our normal terms of trading.

Also listed are any items of equipment that we have used for display purposes. They have had very light usage if at all and may be slightly marked with the odd bit of dirt or finger marks. We have a regular change of display equipment so you need to keep coming back to here to see wha'ts on offer. Any equipment sold carries the full makers guarantee as well as being fully supported by us.

A regular check of this section is advised as we are adding books, fibres and equipment to it all the time.

Subscriber offers and updates
If you want to receive regular updates and the chance to buy fibres at reduced prices have a look at the subscribers page. Here you can register your email address and we will then send out information for extra special offers.
    1. Books & Magazines
    1. Bulk Buys and Discounts
      If you're buying a large amount of fibres then you automatically get our standard quantity...
    1. Equipment
      Special offer equipment is generally those which have been on display in the shop. As such it may...
    1. Merino 70s
      These Merino 70s (21 micron) are additional shades to our standard range. This is the exact...
    1. Merino 100s
      These Merino 100s/ 18.5 micron are additional shades to our standard range. Good for feltmaking...
    1. Angelina
      Limited stocks of a coarse Angelina Fibre. Same type as our normal stock but cut a few...