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Merino, Cheviot, Wensleydale.... It's all here!

We have one of the widest selections of wools in the world, both dyed and in their natural shades. From the 125 colours of the Merino 21 micron (70's) through to the natural shades of the white wools, here you'll find everything you need for spinning and feltmaking.

A question often asked is "Which is the best wool for spinning / felting / needlepunch?" Unfortunately there's no definitive answer to this. Every fibre has it's own characteristics and will handle in subtlety different ways. The best way is often to try a bit of everything and find out what works for you!

The best way to get your hands on samples is to come to Wentworth and sample spin or felt the fibres free of charge. All the equipment you might need is here to use. Any fibres you use to make samples can be taken away completely free. We will also give you free tea and coffee. How about that for an offer you cant refuse. Just give us a call to check on times.

When fibres felt it is the tiny scales on each hair which lock together in order to hold the piece together. As such all our wools are suitable for feltmaking, with the exception of 1 or 2 which have been superwash treated . These will be highlighted in their descriptions.

Not listed on the web site but we do sample packs of all the wools we have listed here. To get them you need to give us a phone call or email. Each sample pack costs £0.50 plus postage at our standard rates.

Fibre discounts. The standard discount rates apply but if you want a 10 kilo ball please email alan@winghamwoolwork.co.uk for a special quote and we will see what can be done.

£50 or more - 5% discount £200 or more - 10% discount £400 or more - 20% discount £500 or more - 25% discount
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