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As handpinners and feltmakers for over 40 years, we reckon we've picked up a thing or two about fibres. If you do require more technical information regarding the fibres or their use we are able to answer questions. We are producers and users so have an in depth knowledge between us of all aspects of their use in hand crafts. Its not just a retail website business but a full service with shop premises and production facilities.

The first thing to mention is that when we talk about "fibres" we're not just talking about wool. The term encompasses a whole world of different products, each with their own properties. If you're new to the world of fibrecrafts then it's important not to be disheartened if you don't get on with a specific fibre. The best thing to do is try as many as possible and find which you prefer and are easiest to work with. A Wingham Try Before You Buy day is ideal for this.Have a look at the Free Fibres page

Second, fibres don't just come from sheep. We sell everything from angora to yak! Again, they all have different properties, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Finally, the most important thing to mention is that synthetic fibres are not suitable for felting. This is of course a generalisation: there are various methods for incorporating the fibres into your work, but if you're just starting out it's better to avoid them and go down the naturals route.

Everyone likes a discount! Rather than use a complicated discount system, we keep prices as low as possible to start with.
These discounts will be applied to fibre purchased at the checkout stage .

£50 or more - 5% discount
£200 or more - 10% discount
£400 or more - 20% discount
£500 or more - 25% discount
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