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The Kromskis take pride in providing spinners and weavers world-wide with high quality, well engineered spinning and weaving tools that not only operate at modern standards but also have a design and architecture that enhance the lives and surroundings of their customers. Form and function come together in the hands of a Kromski artisan and the results are a sight to behold, use and own.

We hold stocks of all Kromski looms, stands and bags.
If you loose any bits and pieces for the loom we have spares in stock

Problem Notification for looms supplied during 2011 Update 2017 we will still have parts to replace any faulty ones.
A batch of the plastic pawls and ratchets have proven to be faulty. Exactly which looms they are on which we have supplied is impossible for us to track. We have plastic replacements in stock ready to send out by return of post. If you have a fault just contact us. Please note it is not all looms that have the problem, if you have the fault it will be obvious.

Please note that we do not sell Kromski products to North America or Australia. Kromski have appointed dealers in these regions.

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