Shoe Lasts & Hat BlocksThere are 5 products.

Made from polystyrene, our shoes lasts and hat blocks are the perfect balance between functionality and value for money.

For size comparison charts we suggest you do a web search. There is no International standards for shoe sizes so it a case of finding the best information. We ask you to make the decision yourselves. This web site has an interesting set of charts
Please have a look and then decide. Making felt shoes/slippers is not a precise activity.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT EXPORT SHOE LASTS OR HAT BLOCKS. This is due to the shipping costs being based on volume making them very expensive to send. They are very light but very bulky so get charged by volume. The shippers use a volumetric calculation which charges the volume as if it was a calculated standard weight.
It may be possible to send one or possibly two pairs depending on the size. Please contact us and we will try and sort out the possibilities.