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You can start making felt with nothing more than soap and water, but be warned; once you've started your more than likely to get hooked!

We have a range of tools and gadgets for both wet and dry felting so you can explore this ancient craft.

Dont feel you need to buy the more expensive bits of equipment. Its easy to use ordinary household items.
Any spray bottle from the kitchen or plastic milk carton with holes in the top works well for getting soap soloution onto your work.
Re-cycled bubble wrap is easily found.
Old window blinds are good for the bamboo felting mat, often found in charity shops.
Felting mesh favoured by some feltmakers to hold work in place in the early stage is also often to be found in charity shops as net curtains.

Foam for needlefelting onto is nothing special. Old upholstery foam works well, it eventually gets wrecked by the needles so old re-cycled stuff gets the maximum use before being discarded.
Needlefelting tools are nice to have but easily substituted for.

We do of course sell many of the items. But think they are better purchased when you have progressed into felting and have a good idea of what you need.
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