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Our Peter Teal English wool combs have been incredibly popular since we reintroduced them a few years ago. Built around Peter Teals original design, and updated with his help, every part is shaped and crafted in Wentworth.

Wool Blending hackles are produced for the blending of fibres to make special blends of combed tops.
We also produce Flax hackles to special order

In the past the Peter Teal wool comb was seen as the "industry standard" for combs. Their design, styling and build quality created a product which was not only fit for purpose but which were also a pleasure to use. Unfortunately Peter eventually had to give up production and today they only appear for sale every now and again, soon being snapped up by the eagle eyed.

Now, they are back in production by Wingham Wool Work. Built entirely in-house at Wentworth we have drawn heavily from the original design, once again playing on the strengths that make this comb great. Made from European Beech and finished in a clear varnish, these combs are built to a high standard to ensure they do their job for many years to come. In response to customer requests we have now introduced the new Wingham Mini Combs, the little sibling of the standard combs. See the details lower down this page.

Each one is built with care and attention to detail using the best quality materials. All the work is done by hand, no computer controlled machining, just old fashioned skill. Each set is individually made and all the parts are hand fitted to ensure a perfect fit. We use selected quality European beech from sustainable sources.