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The Wingham Design

Over the past 40 years we have developed our own design of flat backed carders. As hand spinners we fully understand the needs and function of the hand carder to process a range of fibres.

We only make flat backs as they are the most efficient as they have the maximum surface area in contact with the fibres. Birch ply is used for the backs to give lightness and strength. Hardwood turned handles to get the easy grip shape.
We see many variations in carder design and are not impressed. Consider the shape and angle set of the handle. Its important to be able to grip them comfortably with balance. It looks to us that some carders are designed to be cheap in manufacture rather than taking the actual function of the tool into account.

Our standard carder has a surface of 18cm X 9cm as this has been found to be a good maximum size for working with.

We gave much thought to our handle design and decided that square or flat profile handles are not comfortable so ours are turned wood. The handles are fixed at the correct angle to keep the knuckles away from the wire. The handle is shaped to make the gripping easy being a good chunky diameter with a turned shape to enhance the grip in the palm of the hand.
Carding is well controlled and the quality of rolag produced aids in the quality of spinning.

Selection of the gauge of the wire is also important. We use 25 Carder Wire Gauge as this works the fibre well without damage. Too heavy a wire will damage the fibre and too fine will not have a good carding action.
The stainless steel wire we use removes the worry of rusting. Other makers often use tin or nickel plated wire which is ok until there is any damage to the plating when they can then start to rust.

By careful consideration of these finer points of carding we have designed what we believe to be an efficient tool for the task of wool preparation. So good it seems as we see copies of our style.

If you have specific needs then feel free to get in touch and discuss your requirements