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FEBRUARY 2018 PRICE INCREASE Kromski have increased prices for the first time in a few years. Because of this it is a significant jump up. We will of course try and give the best value deal possible, with free fibres, free carriage and a price match if you find a better price.

Leon Kromski began a turning business in 1918 and operated it until 1939 when the impact of WWII and Communism made it impossible to continue. His son, also named Leon, having mastered turning from his father, resurrected the craft and the business in 60’s by producing the first of a line of spinning wheels.

Today the family business is continued by Leon’ sons : Wojciech Kromski – the engineer for wood technology; and Daniel Kromski – the artist and designer of the current line of Kromski products. Their principle products are spinning wheels – now numbering 5 very distinct and well engineered models. In 2001 they developed and produced a very popular rigid heddle loom, the Kromski Harp. They also manufacture accessories for spinning and weaving, such as spinning stools, niddy noddies and shuttles.

Kromski & Sons operates in many markets and is known world-wide for their spinning wheels and looms, exporting products to Europe, North America and Japan.

The Kromskis take pride in providing spinners and weavers world-wide with high quality, well engineered spinning and weaving tools that not only operate at modern standards but also have a design and architecture that enhance the lives and surroundings of their customers. Form and function come together in the hands of a Kromski artisan and the results are a sight to behold, use and own.

We also operate as a service centre for Ashford and Kromski wheels. Free servicing is given to your Ashford or Kromski wheel, charges are only made for any parts used. We will also service other makes of wheel but parts are not stocked for these.

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