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We know exactly what goes into our blends from start to finish, as every single one is made right here in Wentworth. We've been mixing and matching fibres for the past 30 years, all done using our own machinery.

As such we can prepare practically any blend of fibres you like! If you'd like something that you cant see here then simply give us a ring and let us know.
We're always ready for a bit of experimenting so we'd love to hear from you if you have a blend recipe.

Special blends if possible are produced in minimum quantities of 500gms with no additional blending surcharge for this service.

We have 4 types of blend that we have developed, produced on our own machinery.
Amongst retailers you may come across slightly differing definitions of their own but we have run these for 30 years so stick to them.

Combed wools of different shades/colours that have been blended once we call stripes
Combed natural wools blended more than once we call humbugs.
Combed dyed wools blended more than once we call rainbows
Carded blends in either small or large batts

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