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Plant fibres are pretty self explanatory.. cotton, flax, linen, etc.
However , we also have range of biopolymers, made from the protein strands of certain ingrediants. These include slightly more exotic fibre like soya, milk and crab.

While plant and polymers lack the scales along the length of the fibres which allow them to be used for felting, they can be incorporated with wools and animals fibres to give interesting textures. They can all be spun and can produce some of the more interesting yarns available.

Not listed on the web site but we do sample packs of all the fibres we have listed here. To get them you need to give us a phone call or email. Each sample pack costs £0.50 or £1.00 depending on the fibre type, plus postage at our standard rates.

Fibre discounts
£50 or more - 5% discount £200 or more - 10% discount £400 or more - 20% discount £500 or more - 25% discount