• Mixed Wool Laps/Tops

    Mixed Wool Laps/Tops

    Good for handspinning or felting. 

    A good budget mix.

    Price per 500gm.

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    Price and order
    • £11.00 tax incl.

    100% natural fibres, no synthetics. Mainly contains dyed merino types combed or carded plus smaller amount of natural combed wools.

    These fibres are the bits and pieces that get left behind in the carding or combing process. They consist  of lengths of broken tops and carded fibres. They are ends of runs, all top quality fibres.

    Most of the time we recyle these into our one-off carded batts

    If you have a drum carder at home then you'll know that occassionaly fibres get stuck and "lap" themselves around the drum. This also happens on big machines.

    You'll receive a mixed bag of whatever we have. There will be natural shades, dyed, wools, alpaca......   It's the luck of the draw. The dyed wools component are generally botany quality with a small quantity of alpaca and other fine fibres. The natural shades are fine quality wools and again a small quantity of alpaca and other fine fibres. 

    The larger the weight the more varied the mix will be, and the better the price too. All fibres will suitable for spinning or felting and there wont be any synthetics. You might end up with a shade or two that you dont like but at these prices it can be added to your stash.

    Image is for display only. We dont show fanciful posed pictures. Its thrown into a bale and pulled out again to bag up!
    The fibres you receive will vary but we always endevour to give a good balanced colour and type mix. Colours do depend on what we have.

    If you are looking for a more defined set of colours please have a look at the dyed merino range of single shades and mixed colour packs.



    • Discounts?
    • This product falls into our normal discount system so bigger amounts will get the discounts.
    • Will there be more?
    • There is a substantial amount in our warehouse, as we state above we have a surplus to our own carding needs. With all fibres there may be time when we sell out but I am sure more will follow. It is a waste product from blending and carding so is ongoing.
    • Its described as waste so is it really useful?
    • The textile trade generates all types of wastes. They are the left overs from various processing. In this case it is pieces of various sizes of combed and carded fibres. Many are great for recycling by another process as they are in perfect condition.
      Some wastes like carder backdrops, carding waste, are just the plant debris and short fibres that fall out the machinery and are beyond practical use. We do not sell these. They go to our Wentworth garden for composting.