Landscape Dyes - Large PotsThere are 13 products.

To dye Wool, Silk , Nylon and all other animal fibres. A simple one pot dye system for perfect results.
We have selected these dyes as they offer a simple straight forward procedure to give excellent results.
Each pot contains, wetting, levelling and softening agents plus dye to produce a full strength colour on 2.5 kilo of material. A much greater quantity can be dyed if a lighter shade is required

These larger pots weigh 250gms each.

The simplest to use and the best results are the reason we have chosen the Landscape range. Technically these are the same dye types as used for commercial bulk dyeing. They have been packaged to keep the whole process simple and yet produce a high standard of finish.

The 250 gram pot is only available in the shades listed, not all the colours are available.

Dye Disclaimer
As we have no control over the end use of this product we must disclaim any liability.

For full details on how to use these dyes please download the info sheet, the link is given with every dye description.